Eurovent Certification sets performance ratings according to European standards for products manufactured in the HVAC sector. This gives the confidence that the product they buy for end users will work in accordance with the stated requirements, and for manufacturers, they are able to compete fairly and constantly develop their products.

References to EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards for performance measurements of Air Handling Units. According to EN 1886 standard, mechanical performance classes of ‘Mechanical Strength Test, Air Leakage Test, Filter Bypass Leakage Test, Heat Conduction Test, Heat Bridging Test, Acoustic Insulation Test on the AHU Model Box are determined. According to EN 13053 standard, ‘Heating-Cooling Capacity-Pressure Loss Test, Air Diffusion Test, Motor Power Test, Pressure Loss Test, Sound Power Test are performed on the Air Handling Unit Real Unit and it is verified by comparing with the selection program of the manufacturing firm. In this view, the technical performance of the product presented to the customer is verified.

As Enforde Engineering Services, we offer our Practical Consulting Service to manage our Eurovent Certification Processes to share our knowledge and experience with you.

“Model Box reference to EN 1886 standard of testing services offered by our company pre-assessment tests. In this way, the deficiencies are identified and the better results can be obtained without entering the product Model Box test.”

Certification Consultancy Service; This document covers the management of all processes from the first application process of the document to the receipt of the document, the creation of relevant documents, the organization of audit organizations, the management of technical issues with the software company, and all business items in its processes.

  • Pre-examination of your company by checking the suitability of receiving documents is made.
  • Eurovent Certificate applications are being made.
  • Your air handling unit selection program is checked prior to Software PreCheck to ensure that the audit passes smoothly.
  • Factory audit organization is done.
  • It is ensured that the control is made before the factory audit and the audit passes smoothly.
  • Real Unit and Model Box selections are made.
  • Real Unit and Model Box are controlled after production.
  • Software corrections are made according to Real Unit and Model Box results.
  • We ensure that all processes of certification are managed and received.

Eurovent Auditors regularly conduct audits within the scope of document rules by Eurovent Auditors every year. In these inspections, if non-compliant practices have been performed, this is reported and the manufacturer is asked to correct it. If these unsuitable practices are not corrected within the specified scopes and periods, the certificate is canceled. We prepare the company for this audit with the annual Audit Consultancy service and ensure that the audit passes smoothly. Within the scope of this audit;

  • Monitoring and transferring the updates published by Eurovent to the company and correcting them in the Air Handling Unit Selection program if necessary
  • Pre-inspection before actual inspection and detection and correction of any defects before actual inspection
  • Organizing the audit
  • Representing the company in real audit and managing the audit
  • Answering the questions asked by the auditor during the audit
  • Creation of the Air Handling Unit Selection Program Update Document and submission to the auditor
  • Follow-up and correction of errors, if any, after the audit
  • Seamless completion of the audit







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