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Products and designs that determine the future of businesses are realized under ARGE units. For this reason, it is a process that requires specialization for reaching the maximum yield in the Quality-Time-Cost triangle of the ARGE projects and should be carried out within the project management discipline. As Enforde Engineering Services, we aim to realize product design and development activities with PMI (Project Management Institute) methods and project management within the framework of ethical rules by giving APPLIED ARGE service to our customers outside of the firms in order to reach the maximum rate of quality-time-cost triangle.
As Enforde Engineering Services, we believe that product design “Customer and Market Demands, Easy to Produce, Continuity” principles will extend the product life life. Good design; It should include design elements that can provide continuous service with minimum technological sub-structure that will minimize operating costs during product life, which can be easily produced with minimum workload and minimum resource consumption and can provide price advantage at this value.
The product development process begins with the desire to differentiate the existing product from the market in terms of information that can not meet customer needs, or to differentiate the product from its technical or commercial counterparts. The first step to achieving this goal is to present a simple and continuous solution that will satisfy the customer’s demands by perceiving the customer requests correctly and making minimum changes on the existing design.
Each project has a start and end time. The main objective of the project is to complete the projects in the cost-time-quality triangle in the most efficient way. Achieving this goal provides the most efficient evaluation of firm resources. The success rate of the projects without following the project management principles is very low.

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