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Eurovent Certification sets performance ratings according to European standards for products manufactured in the HVAC sector. This gives the confidence that the product they buy for end users will work in accordance with the stated requirements, and for manufacturers, they are able to compete fairly and constantly develop their products.

References to EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards for performance measurements of Air Handling Units. According to EN 1886 standard, mechanical performance classes of ‘Aircraft Body Mechanical Strength Test, Body Air Accident Test, Filter Bypass Leakage Test, Heat Conduction Test, Heat Bridging Test, Acoustic Insulation Test on the AHU Model Box are determined. According to EN 13053 standard, ‘Heating-Cooling Capacity-Pressure Loss Test, Air Diffusion Test, Engine Power Test, Pressure Loss Test, Sound Power Test are performed on the Air Handling Unit Real Unit and it is verified by comparing with the selection program of the manufacturer firm. In this view, the technical performance of the product presented to the customer is verified.

As Enforde Engineering Services, we offer our Practical Consulting Service to manage our Eurovent Certification Processes to share our knowledge and experience with you.